Lawn Aeration & Overseeding

   Hey Tulsa, thinking that your lawn might be suffocating???  Do you think your grass should be thicker???

   Let us give your lawn the breather it needs and provide spike or plug aeration.  This is the process of removing plugs or spiking of the soil to relieve soil compaction and allowing oxygen, water, and nutrients to enter the ground.  This process is done by either spiking the ground or extracting 4-6 inch clumps of soil to allow for maximum exposure to the elements and decrease thatch build up below the grass blades.  This combined with post-aeration watering will ensure the grass gets the nutrients it needs to grow thick, lush, and beautiful. 
   Generally, after we aerate your yard we like to overseed it.  What is overseeding you might ask?  Well, it is simply what it says, we spread a generous amount of seed, your existing type, all around your yard as if we were planting a whole new yard.  The benefits are that when we aerate it allows for the vital nutrients to enter the roots and also create holes for more seed.  After spreading the seed, we go back over it with a little bit of top soil to ensure that they are nice and covered so that the birds do not eat the seed.  Then, we water it in to make sure it wil stay down and not blow with the wind, also so that it begins to grow and establish some sort of life.  After Make It Greener Full Service Lawn Care & Landscaping aerates and overseeds your property, you must water for at least 15 minutes once or twice a day for at least 2 weeks in order to ensure the seed has begun to root.  So when the spring comes around the warm weather will shoot the new grass right up to provide an even thicker and lusher yard than the years before.