Pet Waste Removal

   Are you tired of walking out in your backyard to go swim or jump on the trampoline and you step in some doggie doo? Yes, accidents do happen. However, Make It Greener Full Service Lawn Care & Landscaping offers a Pet Waste Removal service to any and every property.

   Whether you want to add it to a complete lawn care package where we scoop before mowing, or you simply want just the Pet Waste Removal service by itself, let Make It Greener keep your yard free of those stinky little traps.

   Everyone knows that walking outside in your front or back yard and accidentally stepping in a pet mess is rather annoying. Let Make It Greener clean up the mess and doo-doo the dirty work. We can come by once a weekl, bi-weekly, or monthly to ensure that your yard is looking its best without the mess. This service is available by itself or can be added to any package offered.